The GreekLang Tutorial for Greek

(You need to know the alphabet. If you dont, click here. )


The first thing that I would like to say is that this is not a perfect tutorial. First of all, you do not get any pronounciation help. Second of all, I cannot include accents that are part of usual greek, I'm sorry for this inconvinience and i advise that you purchase a greek dictionary from a local bookstore and look up all words in this tutorial to learn them with their accents. Also, a dictionary will help you greatly with the pronounciation, check the pronounciation of each word in the parenthesis.

Each lesson is broken down into: Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar, and Practice. I advise you to do the practice at the completion of each lesson. Enough talk, on to the learning! (not complete)

First, the greek alphabet.
Masima Ena / Lesson One
Masima Diu/Lesson Two
Masima Tria/Lesson Three
Masima Tessera/Lesson Four
Masima Pente/Lesson Five
Masima Eksi/Lesson Six
Masima Epta/Lesson Seven
Masima Oktw/Lesson Eight
Masima Ennea/Lesson Nine
Masima Deka/Lesson Ten

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