Learning Greek
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Learning any language is not easy, and since greek has a long history and a unique alphabet, it can take some time. However, you can also learn greek very easily. First, you'll need to know, very well, the alphabet. Go here for my table of the greek alphabet. Click here for some practice with the alphabet. (recommended)

After you know the alphabet by heart, you should continue through a course of study varying by how you learn. If you learn by phrase and by studying vocabulary, you should start off with a few phrases, such as the phrases Ti kaneiV, Geia saV, Pos saV lene; (these are the greek equivalents for: How are you doing, Hello, and What is your name?). If, however, you learn by grammar and you have studyed languages, you might want to start by learning the personal pronouns and their declension, or the conjugation of the word "to be".

Here are a few links:

Kypros.org's Learn Greek (with audio)
the GreekLang tables of Greek page.

If you are planning to go to Cyprus or Greece, pronounciation is important. Go to the above link to Kypros.org's Learn Greek, and listen to a few audio files. Then, go to the User's Notes page and listen to a few files while reading the file, this will help a lot.
I am beginning with my own online tutorial. This will not be finished until, well, I dont know, but here's the link to it.
the GreekLang online tutorial

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