Cyprus & Greek
the connection

Cyprus has had a very strong greek influence since the days when the early greeks, the Myceneaens and the Minoans, fled to the island after the fall of Greece to the Dorians.

After this time, the island was taken away from Greece by many an empire, from the Persians to the British, to the Ottoman. Even today, it is not part of greek, even though the majority of the population are considered greek. With the same basic culture, and the same language, Cyprus has always had "the Greek connection".

As far as the language concerns, Cyprus can be considered "greek country". Everyone, with the exception of a few Turks in Cyprus, speaks greek. The pronounciation is basically the same, along with the grammar, the vocabulary, and the syntax. So if you know greek, you technically know another language too, the language of cyprus(which might be called "Cyproit").

So what is the only difference between Cyprus and Greece?

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